PAC Cooking Camp

4 day course starting Monday 29th July 2013




We invite you to join our first ever PAC cooking course!











This year we welcome our newest member of the PAC team, Dave Hodson, a professional chef from our every own Scottish Borders, who has 20  years cooking experience but also  the  enthusiasm and personality to inspire our PAC youngsters to cook up a feast  this summer at the Newlands Centre.


Dave will be running a 4 day course from  Monday 29th July – Thursday 1st August teaching your  children and young teenagers to cook a variety of soups, pastas, breads, sweet  things, outdoor cookery and much more……


Morning cookery course – from 9 – 1pm  (ages 8 -11 years old)

Afternoon cookery course  – from 1.30pm – 5pm  (age 12 – 16)

Cost for the course: £80 for 4 days  (includes all ingredients & snacks)

Please note, it may be helpful to know that children can join the PAC cooking camp, as part of a full day or indeed full week at PAC.

Please contact Lindsay or Sally for full details

Lindsay 07718 933725 or Sally  07923 980900