‘Supernatural Power Dressing’ with Alison Sheridan

Wednesday 13th Nov. 2013



Supernatural Power Dressing in Britain and Ireland, 2500–1500 BC

Dr Alison Sheridan, Head of Early Prehistory at National Museums Scotland and President of the Prehistoric Society


In this talk, Dr Sheridan will look at what the well-dressed aristocrats among our prehistoric forbears were wearing, over 3500 years ago.

Forget ideas of squat, grunting savages in bearskins and clubs – this was more like Posh n’ Becks style! Fine clothes and fancy jewellery were not just for showing off. Some things – especially jewellery made from amber and jet – may have been worn to protect the wearer, since people believed they had magical powers.

Anyone who has visited the NMS exhibition Amazing Amber (10 May–8 September 2013, free entry) will know how spectacular this jewellery was.

When – Wednesday 13th Nov. 2013

Where – Newlands Centre, Hall2

Time – 19:30 to 21:00

Cost – £3.00 (Inc Tea, Coffee and Buscuits)

Availability– Limited Places

To book – Contact Derek Harkins on:

Tel – 01968 660 980

Email – manager@newlandscentre.org.uk