Wee Stories Theatre

Newlands Centre is pleased to announce that Wee Stories are back for a third visit to Newlands Centre.

This spring Wee Stories is touring a package of two science-themed shows: Hickory and Dickory Dock and One Giant Leap.

Hickory and Dickory Dock (Illustration by Teresa Flavin)

weestories_hickorydockOnce upon a time…that’s the way most good stories begin and this story starts that way too, which is just as well as it is a story all about time. 

The latest new theatre piece from Wee Stories tells the story of what happens when time-keeping goes awry, in classic Wee Stories style, featuring live original music and puppetry.   Hickory and Dickory Dock is an inventive, accessible introduction to time, why and how we measure it and why it matters, for children aged 4+ and all generations of their families.

When – Thurs. 18th April 2013
Time – 16.00 (run time approx. 50min)
Tickets – Adults £7, Children £5.
Email – manager@newlandscentre.org.uk
Tel – 01968 660 980

One Giant Leap (Image by Fogbank Projects)


“A tremendous small-scale history of ideas that traces the relationship between humanity and the heavens from the earliest days of Greece and Rome, through the religious oppression of the Dark Ages, to the thrilling age of modern scientific investigation and progress which, forty years ago, finally took men to the moon, and to the realisation that our jewel-like earth, as seen from space, represented our best hope of paradise all along.”  The Scotsman

A solo performative lecture by Wee Stories’ Iain Johnstone, One Giant Leap tells the story of how we know what we know about the universe, using text, music and a dash of theatrical invention.  For anyone aged 10+.

When – Thurs. 18th April 2013
Time – 19.30 (run time approx. 1hr 15min)
Tickets – Adults £7, Children £5.
Email – manager@newlandscentre.org.uk
Tel – 01968 660 980