Jobs @ Newlands

Newlands Community Development Trust, Newlands Activity Centre and the many Clubs and Events we organise provide a wide range of full-time, part-time and occasional work plus voluntary work and Vocational Training opportunities.

Below are just a few of the opportunities for work and volunteering at Newlands.

Early Learning and Child Care

If you are interested in joining our ELC group on a full time, part time or voluntary basis please contact the group secretary.

Newlands Activity Centre

We are always keen to hear from folk who would like to be considered for part-time positions at Newlands Activity Centre. If you would like to be considered for work at Newlands Activity Centre please contact the Centre Manager.

Newlands Volunteers

Newlands Community Development Trust and Newlands Activity Centre rely on many members of our Community providing expertise and time to assist on all manner of projects.

Volunteering with the Centre and Development Trust may be something you wish to do on an ongoing or ‘one off’ basis – we have lots of short term projects and events where our volunteers play a crucial role in the success of the project or event.

We have a webpage dedicated to Newlands Volunteers.