Restarters at Newlands

The Restart Project is a people-powered social enterprise that aims to fix our relationship with electronics.

Here at Newlands we have a core team of Restarter ‘fixers’ who host a monthly Restart Party at Newlands Activity Centre where Restarters and members of the Community will share technical expertise and resources to fix electronics.

We are looking for new restarter Volunteers to assist us in growing this initiative in Lamancha, Newlands, Kirkurd and surrounding areas.

Longer term we are hoping to expand our skill set to include Clothing, Textiles, Furniture and Tool repair.

Our first restart party was held in March 2019 and subsequent events have taken place on the first weekend of each month – keep an eye out here or on the main Calendar Page for details of upcoming dates.

So far our Restarter Team have repaired a huge range of items including a Karcher Pressure Washer, GHD Hair Tongs, Professional Tennis Ball Launcher, PA Loudspeakers, Sewing Machine control pedal, a HiFi and many other items – our progress is tracked on the Restarter Fixometer.

Track our progress

You can Track our Repairs, Volunteer Hours. Waste Prevented and CO² emissions prevented on the Restarter Fixometer – which is also a great resource for other Fixer teams.

Winter 2020 Schedule

Our Winter 2020 Restart parties are scheduled for the first Sunday of the month running from 10:00 to 13:00.

*We skip one or two months due to school holidays so please check the schedule on our event page below!

Restarters at Newlands

Become a Resart fixer

For more information about becoming a Restarter here at Newlands please get in touch via email –

For more information about the Restart Project visit the Restart website –